Student threatened to bring gun to school later this week

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PRESS RELEASE – On March 28th, a Dade County SRO was notified by the Dade County Middle School Principal that a student stated he was going to bring a gun to school on Friday.

Subsequently, other students heard this statement and began repeating it and telling students not to come to school on Friday.

Sheriff Cross, along with his deputies, immediately went to the school to investigate.

After deputies and school administration spoke with several different students who were involved, as well as other witnesses, it was determined that there was no threat to any students or staff, and the statements made were not credible.

Due to this incident involving juveniles, no other information will be released.

Sheriff Cross wants everyone to know that he and his deputies treat every incident like this very seriously, and the safety of the children and staff at Dade Schools is paramount to the Sheriff’s Office and the Dade County School System.

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